Getting Started

Learn how to use DataHub!

Installing ❒ data

This guide will cover how to install the data tool and verify that it is working properly.

Publishing ❒ data

This guide walks you through how to put data online using data tool and the DataHub.

Push Excel files

In this tutorial, we will explain how to push Excel data to the DataHub.


Learn DataHub features by tutorials!


Discover DataHub features!


Find out what are DataHub views and what you can do with it.

Core Data

Important, commonly-used data as high quality, easy-to-use and open data packages

Core Data Curators

Core Data Curators curate the core data. Find out more and how to get involved.

Data Packages

Learn about Data Packages!

Put it Online

This tutorial is about how to publish your Data Package online for others to find and use.

Data Packages

A Data Package (or DataPackage) is a simple way of "packaging" up data.