Climate Open Data

Climate Open Data collection.

Climate open data

Everyone can have access to climate data, however many people were not able to access the data due to various reasons: failing register on the website, formulating and sending request to get the right data they need. Here we write precise

We use several sources for open data on temperature:

  1. reanalysis data from GES DISC MERRA from https://disc.gsfc.nasa.gov/
  2. observational data: example data available for downloading after login http://data.ceda.ac.uk/badc/ukmo-hadobs/data/insitu/MOHC/HadOBS/HadUK-Grid/v1.0.0.0/60km/ and downloadable data link url = 'http://dap.ceda.ac.uk/thredds/fileServer/badc/ukmo-hadobs/data/insitu/MOHC/HadOBS/HadUK-Grid/v1.0.0.0/60km/tas/mon/v20181126/tas_hadukgrid_uk_60km_mon_188401-188412.nc' and https://services.ceda.ac.uk/cedasite/myceda/user/

How to download the data

  1. Create account and log in to https://www.ceda.ac.uk/
  2. Depending on the variables and time-scale of the data you want to download setup request, for example, 2010 taxmax (temperature): http://dap.ceda.ac.uk/thredds/fileServer/badc/ukmo-hadobs/data/insitu/MOHC/HadOBS/HadUK-Grid/v1.0.0.0/60km/tas/mon/v20181126/tas_hadukgrid_uk_60km_mon_201001-201012.nc

Climate variables

Examples of climate variables: surface_air_temperature





Code for parcing data

For parcing data one needs to install ´xarray´ python package. The code for parcing the data is uploaded to the folder https://github.com/Liyubov/climate_open_data/blob/master/parse_hadukgrid.py

You can also open and look into the climate data using command line via: ncdump -t tasmax_hadukgrid_uk_60km_mon_188601-188612.nc